Ready for Heating Season?

I’m up early watering my flowers this morning, and it occurs to me that I will need to swap some of the summer flowers for fall flowers. Yup, it is chilly this morning! It is 64 degrees, not exactly frosty, but you can sense the change of seasons is coming. Hmm, what is on the fall to-do list? Nothing pressing, we still have some warm weather left, but it is time to make the list.

Got Hot Water?

Got Hot Water?

Water heaters are a topic of much discussion during a home inspection. Life expectancies are all over the place. Most home inspectors prefer to err on the side of caution, and may suggest the life expectancy is only 10 years. If a home inspector were to average the age of the water heaters inspected, it would probably be a good bit higher than 10 years.

Keeping Your Basement Dry - 1

Moisture intrusion is one of the most common problems found during a home inspection. Dampness, water damage, and mold are consequences of moisture intrusion. The cost of correction can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Usually the determining factor in the cost of correction is the amount of time that the problem has been active.

My New Blog

I meet many home buyers every week that want to take care of their home, but just aren’t sure how to do it. It isn’t like they teach this in school, and there is so much information online designed to sell “stuff” that may or may not be necessary, or practical, so I’ve decided to add some useful information to my website.