Set Your Listing Apart!

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Sell Your Home Faster for More!

Having a Home Inspection before listing your home is a good idea for a number of reasons:

  • Make repairs prior to listing and list your home for a higher price
  • No mad dash to find contractors at the last minute
  • No need to pay outrageous prices for repairs because you are in a hurry
  • No big surprise repairs when the buyer's home inspection is done

Here is a new one:

  • Get an 18 month Home Warranty for the price of a 12 month Home Warranty!

Now there is a way to make your listing stand out from the rest!

When you have your home inspected by 1st American Home Inspections, Residential Warranty Services will extend your Home Warranty to 18 months for the price of 12!

As a Home Inspector I see the way people react to the prospect of buying an existing home with old, used appliances almost every day. They know they are not buying a new home and understand that maintenance responsibilities are part of home ownership. What worries them is having to pay for a major repair right away. They are spending a small fortune on an appraisal, home inspection, environmental testing, closing costs and don't forget a down payment. So the thought of replacing a hot water heater, central air conditioning system or even a stove immediately after paying for all of the other expenses can make them bypass an otherwise ideal home. It's just how it works sometimes. A home warranty allows them time to recover from the major investment they've just made. 

Reduce your liability

Sellers benefit from home warranties each and every day. One thing that is a guarantee in any home, all motors will eventually go out. Every appliance will malfunction eventually. Sometimes eventually is right after closing, and as is often the case, the buyer looks to the seller to fix the problem they feel is the sellers responsibility.

With a home warranty, this can be avoided. The date on which the problem occurred is the primary factor in determining coverage, and too often, the malfunction occurred shortly after closing. A buyer is much more likely to call their home warranty company when they experience a problem than call on the seller to fix it. This gives the buyer the chance to hear from a qualified professional contractor what the problem is and how it happened.